That Week Just Gone

Well. This is an odd one. On one hand, this little journal has so far been a general track of how mad and crap all of 2020 really is, it has always been split in two.

One more of a general chronicle of how I’m failing in life as a functioning adult, the other a general chronicle of how the government is also failing at being useful.

On one hand.

Not much has happened. (Aside… you know… needing to spend my life using my inhalers at the moment)

On the other hand, if 2020 was a TV series, this week would be the friendly optimistic episode, that makes you think that there is hope in the world. (Before something really terrible happens in the next episode)

But for a moment. Lets celebrate, Biden has won, there is a sodding vaccine, and the dark prince of Tories has at least taken a step or two away from the seat of power.

Philosopher of the week

A failed attempt to make a change is always better than inaction, which we now know is the most heinous crime of our time.

Crystal Eisinger (From “How To Be More Pirate”)

Still annoyed at The Government

Ding Dong The Dom has gone…

Lets think about this though…

He left via the front door.

Does anyone carry out a box of their things when they are sacked? (Doesn’t that happen only in American movies?)

If the reports are true, its all because Boris missis got upset about Dom. When the country got mad at Dom… nothing.

Quote of the week.

“Do you know what family mouth is?During the virus you can’t share food with friends, but we can. It’s similar to when teachers have to wear masks out the classroom, but for my room.”

Is that clear for anyone else?

Next Week: Oh I dont know. A Dom tantrum? More inhalers? Buying an actual red shirt to go to Tesco in…?

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