That Week Just Gone

As I sat down to start typing this, I realised that not only had the blog in general had fallen over the last couple of days, but it appears to have fallen through a time loop and has forgotten a week.

So theres that… (*Goes and sulks off somewhere*)

Adulting fail.

We took part in an online cook along this week,

Which is fine, we were on mute, so what could go wrong?

The thing is, whilst we were on mute we had a debate. How much coconut milk should we put in, when one of you doesn’t like coconut?

Well the answer is – something more like what your wife is suggesting, rather than your first guess.

A Reminder.

If you’re going to outward groan at the idea of something on a video conference. Make sure you’re on bloody mute first.

Especially if the thing you’re outwardly groaning out is the amount your face appears in a work video… which as a result you need to explain…

Actually being on mute could be a good default option for all meetings in the future..

Still annoyed at The Government

We have a vaccine!

We have a vaccine for a virus that is the centre of a global flipping pandemic.

How in the name of all that’s good and beautiful can a government screw up this news?

Enter Gavin Williams.

Commenting UK regulators approving the Pfizer/BioNTech jab, Williamson said: “I just think we have the very best people in this country and we’ve got the best medical regulators. Much better than the French have, much better than the Belgians have, much better than the Americans have.

“That doesn’t surprise me at all as we’re a much better country than every single one of them, aren’t we?”

New European

Over to “Have I Got News For You” for comment.

Next Week: I might ponder some Christmas shopping…. or something…

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