That Week Just Gone

So, I figured that instead of writing this on the Saturday (as seems to be the norm), I figured I would wait and see what happened during Boris’s press conference. Perhaps I shouldn’t have waited, because, lets face it, 2020 has somehow got more crazy.

In fact, can someone help me out with something? In there a world for feeling Christmassy and stuff, whilst also feeling this impending feeling of existential doom? (Feeling seems stronger whenever Boris says something “will” or “really wont” happen).

Adulting fail.

When removing nicely large cafetiere out of dishwasher, focus on what you are doing.

Do not get distracted.

When you drop said cafetiere, do not try catching it with your foot. The said drop kick will send pieces of former cafetiere back into the dishwasher.

On an unrelated note. A Sponsorship Opportunity

Do you sell coffee / kitchen appliances? Are you looking for a way to get people to know about your products

Are you looking for a cheap way to advertise your cafetiere?

Drop me a tweet to discuss ways to arrange sponsor a cafetiere review…

Quote of The Week

“Mummy. Do you think I’m on the nice list this year?“

Still annoyed at The Government

Wednesday. Boris: “It would be inhuman to cancel Christmas.”

Saturday: Boris: “well…..”

Sunday. Borders closed up. Trucks all over the place.

This would be a great time to put that “No Brexit plan” into action right? Just a couple of days early right? I mean we have a plan for this right?


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