Safe Discussions Over Christmas

Lets face it. Christmas is different this year, and we may end up in some sort of conversation with someone who… we’ve not spent almost every second of the year with.

This may lead us to either spending time with someone outside of our echo chamber, or just spending an hour or so saying “this is a bit different”, over and over again.

Can we suggest the following conversation starters?

  1. Lets open some windows?
  2. Cyberpunk. That game looks great right. (Runs the risk of getting blank-stares).
  3. Anyone fancy getting me a Stadia controller?
  4. How silence can help us connect with the world within us.
  5. The benefits of eating outside.
  6. Its a bit different this year isn’t it…
  7. Favourite books of the year.
  8. The joy of mince pies
  9. Wine?
  10. Coke or Pepsi?
  11. I voted for Chaos with Ed Miliband
  12. No no its fine – Please dont pass me the food.
  13. Lets chat outside.
  14. Seriously, lets open up some flipping windows.
  15. This sucks, right?
  16. You’re on mute
  17. More wine?

Any you would add?

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