That Week Just Gone


Guess what? The small one hasn’t mentioned anything about puppy’s for a while.

We have also been encouraging her to get involved more with the Guinea Pigs – so maybe she’s noticed what we’re trying to teach and decided “nah I’m good?”

Adulting fail

Parenthood is filled with negotiations. Well. I find its either that or a battle. Besides, I like the idea of giving kids the illusion of choice.

One choice was this morning.

Me: “Right! We need to go to the shop this morning! What time are we getting dressed and out?”

Small One: “12?”

I feel outsmarted. She’s 8. And she’s got me to agree to go this afternoon.

When she’s a teenager – I’m really in trouble.

Quote of the week

“You know we’re not allowed to hug our friends? Its really difficult trying to keep the hugs in.”

Small One

Still annoyed at The Government

I kinda want to write something about Tories complaining about Lockdown rules while covid cases are dropping… but I feel that my blood pressure may rise a little. Its almost like we’re struggling to learn the lessons from the LAST 12 MONTHS.

Sigh… anyway…

Here’s something a little funnier…

Next week: Kids are in school. Work is work. Cant really go out anywhere. Its going to be an exciting fun week…

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