That Week Just Gone

Before I start getting sharing all things silly and cute.

Over the last week, I’ve heard three separate stories, from different parts of different parts of life, about Mental Health Services being… Well “rubbish” seems unfair to the amazing people working within Mental Health services, maybe “massively underfunded and under resourced” would be a be a better way of putting it?

Now I’ve got that out of my system…

Adulting fail

We’ve been doing some gardening… I say gardening. Obviously I mean cleaning the garden. Showing it love. Making it look like we care about the weeds. That sort of thing, question.

Why in the name of all thats good and beautiful, can’t I put down a simple garden chair?


Yet the better half has no problems with them…?

Geocaches of the Week.

Geocaches Searched For: 3

Geocaches Found: 3

They were all a little easy… But thats a good thing for us!

Quote of the week

“Will the virus ever go away?”

Small One

Still annoyed at The Government

No money for Mental Health services.

No money for NHS workers.

A new media room in 10 Downing Street?

Here’s £2,607,767.67.

I guess we should all just get on and eat cake. Lets just make sure we don’t bloody protest about it all or anything.

Next week. It will still be March. Again. Always bloody March.

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