That Week Just Gone

So. The kids are off school for what feels like ages.

Some of us are concerned about a virus, others don’t care.

Obviously still bloody March.

Adulting fail

There I am carrying the small one into her room, and in an effort to avoid the wall, I pull my foot down on what looks like a pile of stuff.

I should mention we’re having our bathroom renovated.

We have stuff, everywhere.

And dust. Stuff and dust. And more dust.

This particular pile of stuff?

Seemed to actually be a mirror.

Which I put my foot through.

What’s the worst that could happen right?

Quote of the week

“I’d like a golden retriever when I grow up, I’ve done research at school, and that seems the best”.

Small One – showing that the “I want a dog” thing… hasn’t actually gone away.

Something different…

The unseen episode…

Still annoyed at The Government


Do we start with….

Boris showing he has no trust in employees he can’t immediately see, by suggesting we’ve all had enough “days off” and get back to the office? Like an office is the only place work can ever take place?

But you know… its now confirmed what Boris gets up to when working… (Trigger warning for details about Boris, Boris spending our money, and Boris having sex)

Or there’s this classic case of finger pointing…

Another casual reminder about last September… and the whole go back to work thing from the Tories because post sandwich places like Pret were struggling? (oh and also landlords who make money from renting office spaces?)

Remember how everyone started getting sick again, and that argument was quietly dropped?

Anyway. Next week. It will probably still feel like bloody March. Again. Because Coronavirus, and Tories – it hasn’t really moved passed March.

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