That Week Just Gone

Here we are.

Kids off school.

No one is quite sure if there’s a chance of another wave or not.

Pubs reopening, yet they have to police social distancing.

And no one is really sure what’s going on.

Perhaps this is less March… more last Summer…

Adulting fail

Whisper it… I may have been a functional human being this week.

Either that or I’ve been working on such a high level of auto pilot, I’ve automatically ignored anything silly I’ve done. Which, thinking about it could be an oddly emotionally healthy step forward.

Quote of the week

“One more”

Small One – getting a 10th straight episode of Clone Wars out of me.

Something different…

Drink a bottle of red,

then watch some Lord of The Rings…

Still annoyed at The Government

How many kids are there in schools?

Rhetorical question. Because each of them have had – AT BEST – a weird ass 12 months.

They’ve all missed out on something, even if it is simply positive experiences without people in their immediate family circle. (Or indeed… “bubble”)

So what does this government do? After 3 weeks back in the classroom?

Discipline the little sods!

“Maintaining good discipline is an absolute must in any classroom and is one of our key priorities. Out-of-control behaviour will also destroy the wholesome and happy environment that every school should have, leading to bullying, and turning playgrounds from a place of joy to a jungle.

“That’s why I am totally behind schools and colleges taking firm action to create a disciplined and calm environment, and putting in place a strong behaviour culture where students are taught how to behave well and are clear about what is expected of them.”

Gavin Williamson – Education Secretary.

Casual reminder about last September… and the whole go back to work thing from the Tories because post sandwich places like Pret were struggling? (oh and also landlords who make money from renting office spaces?)

And remember how everyone started getting sick again, and that argument was quietly dropped?

Anyway. Next week. We’re actually going on a trip out!

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