That Week Just Gone

Well. Its half term. And we have Animal Crossing back on in our lives.

Its music is like a tight warm hug.

Which starts of reassuring.

You then realise its really tight.

And you cant breathe.

Adulting fail

Everyone has a moment in their lives when they’re taking pain killers in front of their boss right?

And you forget which tablets you’ve taken right?

And you have to calculate if you’re about to stream yourself taking a mild overdose or not.


Quote of The Week


Small one – When I asked her if I was just a walking dustbin to her.

Something different…

You know captchas?

Those things you need to complete to prove to a computer that you are also – not a computer?

Wouldn’t something like this be more fun?

Still annoyed at The Government

I must have started this about a year ago.

I’ve got very distinct memories of ranting on here about Dominic Cummings, and the protective ring that was put in place around him by the Tories – whilst not having a clue about Covid.

Fast forward a year, and what do we do we have?

Indianan Variations on the up

Tories being unclear on whats going to happen

Right Wing Newspapers campaigning to “save our summer”. (That worked bloody well with Christmas)

And we have Dominic Cummings almost acting like the grown up in the room.

We probably didn’t learn anything massively new about Covid, but theres now a load of stuff said on the record in Westminster, that wasn’t said before.

And Dominic Cummings basically… well… I’m not sure what he is, but still seemed to be running the show last week.

It still all feels a little 2020…

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