That Week Just Gone

Well. Its the 297th week of March 2020.

I’ve avoided a pandemic. As much as I can tell.

And pollen. Bloody pollen has ruined me this week.

I hate Summer.

Adulting fail

You know that moment when out shopping, when you catch yourself darting in front of someone, whilst wearing a look on your face saying “Sorry, please dont think I’m an ass.”

You know that following moment when you realise you have a facemask covering most of your face, so therefore, just look like an ass?

Quote of The Week

“Everythings going wrong!”

Small one – At bedtime. Realising that she just has to brush her teeth again after drinking some milk. Otherwise known as The Delay Bedtime Technique #2094

Something different…

Still annoyed at The Government


To busy being distracted by covid numbers gradually increasing…

Next week: I’ll probably sigh every now and then…

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