Conker Hunting in Exeter, Devon

With Summer past us, its time for pumpkins, Halloween inspired chocolates, and parents showing kids how to play conkers. But where to go conker hunting in Exeter? Alot of the conker hunting areas, are also nice areas to have a wonder as well. Here are a few ideas of where to go.

Heavitree Cemetery – is rumoured to have loads of Conker trees. Near Hamlyn Lane, we didn’t find any when we went, but the amount of rumour (and squirrels around), I’m happy to suggest that we just failed on this one.

Exeter University Grounds – Have a wonder around the grounds. There are a couple of fields and a lake around there as well. Have a wonder

Exeter Cathedral Green – There’s quite a large Conker tree in the Cathedral green, Perfect for a quick stop when shopping in town.

Killerton – Rumoured to be found up the hill. (“The Clump”). Either way there are definitely some sort of chestnutty type trees around the main grounds.

Belmont Park – A fabulous park with a community centre near the middle of town.

Harrington Lane – Found near the “top of Pinhoe”

Mont-le-Grand – in the Heavitree area has a couple of Horse Chestnut trees.

Exeter people!

Where would you suggest Conker hunting?

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