That Week Just Gone

This week, we experienced hosting a small gaggle of children for a 9th birthday party.

The good news is. No one got lost.

And yes, that is my personal baseline for success. Well. Actually no one dying is my baseline for success – but we’re talking about kids here, and well.. that’s just dark.

Best Guess At Next Lockdown


Covid numbers still appear high, if not actually going up. But I guess its up north and, are younger people impacted mostly now?

And we know how much the Tory party cares about those people groups right?

Quote of The Week

STOP Singing my song! That’s my private song!

The Small One – after humming the same catchy tune. Again. And Again.

Adulting fail

Ripping the zip on your rucksack, thats a smart move right?

Ripping it when you’re about to put the bag on your back, thats annoying right?

Ripping it when you’re about to ride your bike around town, whilst carrying the work laptop in the said bag that is now flapping open everywhere?


Still annoyed at The Government

Well the good news this week is I have my bike back on the road. Just in time to be ridden with anxiety over how much petrol I may or may not have in my tank. Meanwhile, the government are cracking on with plans to chop the amount of Universal Credit, just as the price of energy is looking to go up. We have seem to have lost a load of truck drivers since Brexit covid, and the government try and recruit bloody ambulance drivers, and Germans who have never driven a HGV before. A load of people who would have worked in a butchers have gone home, increasing the risk of us becoming reliant on port imports (I guess from Europe).

And The Tory party are upset that Boris was called Scum.

Next week: We might clear the flippin balloons away from the birthday. Or we might not.

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