If you’ve missed the big tech news, Facebook is changing its name to “Meta”. The name of the app that all us old people are still stuck to, won’t be changing its name (that will still be called Facebook), but the overall company name will be called Meta.

Why, Meta?

Meta,  in this case seems to be short for Metaverse, (And the whole point of this post is to basically help myself get my head around it as well.)

The Metaverse is an online space that allows people to interact in a more in-depth way then a normal website. What this means seems to vary depending on who you listen to. It could be something VR based, could be moving around a screen with your own character (Fortnight), or something AR based (Seeing Pokémon on your phone camera would be a simple example of AR)

What does this all this Metaverse mean?

This video below gives some examples, but one is a virtual meeting where you’re basically forced to pay attention. (Because people will see if you’re not)

Good Luck

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