That Week Just Gone


Another week, more government faffing over covid, but at least we have the beauty of Fall all around us.

No wait. We’re in England, and its autumn. And its wet.


Best Guess At Next Lockdown

At this rate? We’re gonna be getting covid.


And there still wont be another Lockdown. But Boris has now moved passed from saying “no it wont happen” to saying he will “do whatever we have to do to protect the public”.

So who knows?

Quote of The Week

Can you smell burning?

Our neighbour…

Adulting fail

I learnt something this week when trying to start a bonfire.

It seems, I am very good at generating a large amount of smoke.

Not very good at fire.

But very good at generating eye stinging amount of smoke, that generates cries of โ€œcan you smell burning?โ€ From the neighbours.

The lesson, I guess, is to clear out the wet wood and other stuff from the chimenea before I set anything alight.

Something Different

Still annoyed at The Government

Covid cases rising.

Government encouragement for life to carry on as normal.

No particular further action on covid happening.

Its like March 2020. AGAIN.

We’re stuck in a timeloop controlled by a blond clown.

A clown who likes to watch the new James Bond movie in his own tax payer funded cinema / news briefing room.

And on the climate crises.

Can I pass over to this weeks Official Government Opposition?

Next Week: I’ll be working from home during Half Term…

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