How To Survive Using Google Classroom?

Has your child been set some work on Google Classroom? Need some help on how to use it? Let us guide you through the steps using it.

  1. Load up your browser
  2. Browse to
  3. Type in the details given by school.
  4. Take a deep breath when you realise it hasn’t worked.
  5. Close the laptop.
  6. Find a bottle of whiskey,
  7. Drink it.
  8. Vomit. (You’ve just drunk a bottle of whiskey).
  9. Calmly walk out the front door.
  10. Find an empty field.
  11. Scream. Cry. Plead out loud for patience over what’s to come.
  12. Turn around to walk home.
  13. Trip, fall face first into the mud.
  14. Go home.
  15. Sober up.
  16. Read this instead for help on Google Classroom.
  17. Ask the whatsapp group for help.
  18. If all else fails, plead for help from the school.

If you’re trying to log into Google Classroom.

Good Luck.

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