That Week Just Gone

Its January.

Still Bloody January. The Mondayiest of all months of the year.

The ever present picture of floating through life that is January.

And Boris is still in charge.

Best Guess At Next Lockdown

And we have, live footage of people avoiding getting covid…

Even through I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up in Lockdown just to try and get us talking about something that isn’t Boris eating cake.

Or not eating cake.

Adulting Fail of The Week

Walking off to buy some coffees for a work meeting, just to realise I cant use my phone to pay for work stuff, and then that slow walk back to my colleague, who justifiably had a million questions about my life choices.

Quote of The Week

“Smelly Daddy gives me chocolate”

Small One. showing how to be thankful.

Something different

Still annoyed at The Government

He was ambushed by cake!

It wasn’t his fault!

Thirty people and cake doesn’t make a party!

It was his work bubble! (Work bubbles by the way… did they ever exist?)

And that was the first half of the week.

Second half?

There was no cake.

Perhaps the cake exists in a separate dimension, where it both exists, and doesn’t exist?

Or perhaps the cake doesn’t matter anyway, and the Tories should just get rid of Boris.

Next week: We’re still going to be waiting for Sue Gray’s report.

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