That Week Just Gone

Well. February.

Could be worse.

Could still be January.

Best Guess At Next Lockdown

Well the good news is, Boris is basically calling time on pandemic. We’re going to be the first country to walk away from it.

Yey Britain.

We can be truly great again.

But with the feeling that Covid seems to be particularly rampant at the moment, I wonder if Coronavirus has agreed to this?

Adulting Fail of The Week

Doctor: “Take your inhaler, up to 6 times, every 4 hours”

I think no problem. I can do that. I can set an alarm in my phone to help me keep track of that. Easy. And I do so.

I last one day, the next morning I think to myself. Its ok. I don’t need to set an alarm. I’ll just take them again at 12.

At 1:30 I’m riding into work, realising I’m incapable of being able to remember to do anything without setting alarms, and my ability to keep positive habits? Zero.

Quote of The Week

“Smelly Daddy is smelly”

Small One. Showing off her song writing skills.

Something different

Still annoyed at The Government

The minister for digital, culture, and whatever else…

Who apparently reckons that the Internet was invented ten years ago… I was doing internet tech support ten years ago…

Which, with any normal government would be a collection of stupid enough to see her off, but with this lot. Well. As the Week in Tory goes, its basically just another day.

So its hardly a bloody footnote.

Next week: We’re still going to be waiting for Sue Gray’s report.

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