That Week Just Gone

When I started this collection of fails, both personal and governmental, I didn’t realise that writing this would end up turning into the therapy to help me exist over the last two years.

So. If you’re reading this. Thank you for your pre-emptive help with dealing with the cost of living crises.


So it seems the price of two loafs of Gluten Free bread can now easily be more than 5 quid.

I might be having less bread in my diet from now on.

Adulting Fail of The Week

Its not my fault.

The Cadburys Cream Egg had been sat there for weeks alone in the kitchen cupboard.


Waiting to be eaten.

I did the right thing by eating it.

I didn’t know that it was being used to bribe the small one to do her homework – at the same time as I ate it.

Random Thing of The Week

Yeap. Looking forward to this.

Still annoyed at The Government

Well. Not content with partying over a pandemic, we now have a massive cost of living crises.

Not helped by the price of fuel.

Not helped by a government deciding to not do anything helpful.

Its ok. It seems the Home Secretary has just had a £100.000 donation from an oil trader. So she’s fine at least.

Next week: I will probably trying to find more ways to save money

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