That Week Just Gone

Well. Once upon a time, this was about tracking life in lockdown, with a hint of ranting about politics. I wonder how that ratio will go this week…

Adulting Fail of The Week

Well here’s the picture. In true “us” style, we’re leaving the house 5 minutes later than planned, and I got distracted by the freshly made fudge on the side.

In an attempt to be subtle, I went to put my sandals on next to said fudge.

Unfortunately the 9 year spotted me.

I’m not sure if I’ve been scolded that strangely for a long time. I’ve got a feeling that scolding Daddy might be a new thing to look out for.

Geocaching of The Week

Geocaches looked for: 1

Geocaches found: 1

We were passing while doing an Easter Egg hunt. But… yeah… If I say it was easy, you would believe me right? Yeah – easy. No problems…

Random Thing of The Week

Still annoyed at The Government

So. It turns out Boris has been found to be at at least one party, when everyone around him were advised to barely breathe in the same post code as someone else.

His defence?

It was a busy day, and there was a gathering on my birthday where I saw people? I wasn’t aware it was a party???

I wish I couldn’t tell the difference between work and party.

I’m sure nurses and teachers could tell the difference. Unlike one of the defences that the Tory party put up to defend Boris. They had an MP suggest nurses and teachers nipped off for a drink at the end of their shift?

I mean. Considering, it seems, Nurses and teachers are typical Tory political footballs, we shouldn’t be shocked that cut price Boris Johnson rip off – Michael Fabricant tried making up stuff about those two amazing groups of people.

Then – THE NEXT BLOODY DAY – they announce plans to ship plans to ship asylum seekers to Rwanda.

Anyone else remember Operation Red Meat? This was basically leaked back in January.

Next week: I will probably trying to find more ways to sigh.

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