That Week Just Gone

After over a year of doing these little updates, I finally snapped at some point the other week, I got a bit sick, there was some tidying up to be done, (two events NOT related), and well… I finally missed one.

This week?

Well. A two day working week.

I like those.

But the small one has been having swimming lessons at school. That makes small children tired…

And thats… fun. Thank God we found the Blu-ray remote…

Adulting Fail of The Week

Note to self. Check that ingredients on things you’re about to try for the first time.

Turns out, Vegan Bacon is not gluten free bacon.

Try not to think about that too much kids…

Random Thing of The Week

Well… there’s this…

Still annoyed at The Government

Hey everyone,

Don’t look at the election results for the Tories, look at Keir having a beer, and spending 200 pound for a group of people to have a curry!

(Costs just over 20 quid for the two of us to have a curry, and we’re trying to not spend a lot when doing it – I can imagine its very easy for a group to spend 200 pounds)

But dont look at the election results!

Don’t think about Boris taking the credit for 24/7 bus passes, so old people can keep warm.

Don’t look at this either!

Sounds tasty…

Next week: I will probably trying to find more ways to sigh.

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