That Week Just Gone


Its Hayfever season, this is fun. Lets start the timer until I end up a snotty mess of a man in front of the wrong person in work.

Still annoyed at The Government


In the week of the Queens Speech (YES I know – but she’s 96! If she doesn’t feel up for going – then… well who can blame her – anyway…) there is always going to be political comments made by political people. And considering the nature of the people we have in power, they are quite a ride.

We have a Home Secretary that didn’t want to answer questions in Parliament.

And – It appears that we are back at – if people don’t have enough money to eat, its because they cant cook properly.

Thats depressing

Against the background of people struggling, our government go on TV, and take the bloody piss…

If I can understand the comedian MP properly, he’s saying there is no more help for people. Thank goodness Rishi Sunak is around to explain why people on benefits cant get extra help…

Basically we can design and roll out Furlough. Fine.

Increase the benefits for those on very little to live on?

Computer. Says. No.

Oh and reminder. The majority of people are on Universal Credit. The digital first benefit system created, by the Tories.

I need a lay down. Or a cider. Perhaps both

Next week: My adulting fail might be safe enough to share…

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