Loot boxes, Pokemon Sleep, and Accessible Gaming

Before we dive into this one, if you need to know what loot boxes are, I’m going to steal some words from NSPCC:

Loot boxes are mystery boxes containing a random selection of items which can be purchased with real money, or credits built up within a game. They’re different from other in-game prizes because you don’t know what’s in them before you purchase. What’s included in the box will depend on the game you’re playing.

So basically. You pay (in some form), for a mystery prize. Which can suck, if you’ve spent a fortune and still getting the same old stuff.

In the latest gaming podcast I do for work, We talk Pokemon Sleep, there’s been some gaming accessibility news, and Loot Boxes – Loot Boxes are going to have more rules around them.

Yeah thats right.

Theres a new pokemon game. And you basically catch Pokemon by going to sleep. (ish)

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