The Summer Holiday Survival Kit

Well done parents, you’ve survived another year of school, and you’ve made it to the summer holiday. So OBVIOUSLY the weather looks more like this now.

And whats the betting its gonna look like this alot.

So here’s a look at tools needed to help survive the upcoming never-ending holiday. (With affliate links)

Get some noise-canceling headphones!

Kids wanting you?

Kids complaining all the time?

Make the problem go away by not hearing them.

Grab them from amazon


Ignore the early morning sun,

and also ignore the mess in the house with a sleep mask. (This plan might have downsides)

Yes, again I’m saying ignore all problems.

Yes. Another Amazon affiliate link.


Doesn’t matter where.

Go camping. Could go camping in the house with a pop up tent.

Throw the kids in there ,

Call it an adventure.

Just dont call it a chokey.

Keep hydrated.

Yes I know.

But its more fun than water.

Good luck out there.

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