That Week Just Gone

Oh hi,

Its been a while.

This week I’ve mostly had the following thought about Hell in my head. (Lets just presume its a literal place for one second, for the benefit of this.)

Is there a special place in hell where you try and parent a child during the first week of a fresh school year – during the mother of all September heatwaves – forever?

Adulting Fail of The Week

Doing some gardening?

Does that leaf look like a nettle?

Getting bored of trying to dig it out?

DO NOT. Presume you can grab it, and pull it out carefully.

Because it probably is a nettle…

Still annoyed at The Government

This little regular post started of as a Covid Chronical thing. (Never before has the word “regular” done so much heavy lifting)

A diary of sorts.

A collection of memories of how the hell we got through lockdowns, and the various social mishaps that came with talking to people though a mask.

Its kinda merged into wondering what the hell the government have done now…

Well… this is the week the education secretary posted this on Twitter

I can picture the kids / parents / teachers of the schools impacted shrugging their shoulders, and going “Oh thats ok then. Carry on. Good job”.

Next Week. Might involve me dancing in the rain. Naked.

Good luck all.

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