That Week Just Gone

Lets face it, the main good news from the last week is the sun is trying to kill us a little less, meaning that walking outside is mildly less of a danger sport than it was back during the heatwave.

Oh, yes, I did dance in the rain a little bit. Not proper dance you know, but a little spin of joy. Any more than that and I’d be complaining of back ache for a week.

Adulting Fail of The Week

So it’s important to know something about me. I like chocolate. I also like beer. Well, it seems that as beer has gluten in it, it doesn’t seem to like me anymore.

I also like sweets, but that’s between my Dentist and I.


My point is I like unhealthy crap.

In my defense, have you tried eating gluten-free? It’s mostly miserable. Particularly if you’re out at the office, and generally trying to adult. I mean, the sensible option for gluten-free people is an egg salad sandwich. Which, gets really bloody old once that starts to digest. (Side note. I gave up pretending to adult with my diet at work ages ago)

There’s another important thing to know about me.

I can fold like a cheap deck of cards, particularly under peer pressure.

Particularly when that peer pressure is a WhatsApp group consisting of me and two close friends.

Particularly when one of those friends ask “who fancies losing a stone before Christmas?”

Particularly when the other friend says he’s in.

Leaving me with a simple choice.

So obviously I’m now going along with some sort of half-hearted attempt to look after myself, and make positive life choices between now and Christmas.

I’m also tempted to delete WhatsApp.

Still annoyed at The Government

Any one keep track still?

Public services broken.

No council has any bloody money.


And the most proactive thing our government has done?

Ban some dogs. Thats to stop us looking at everything right?

Next Week. Probably cycling in the rain. Probably sighing.

Good luck all.

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