That Week Just Gone

Well. I say “That week”

I guess its been more than a week now.

Which segue ways nicely to…

Adulting Fail of The Week


Its time.

I say its time, basically the kid went to school after the Christmas holiday, came home and shared that everyone seemed to have a phone.


We got her a phone.

Now before it appears that we’re THAT easily convinced,, we were gonna get her one anyway. You know. At somepoint.

And it turns out it took the best part of the last weekend to set the thing up.

Also to install Roblox.

Wish us luck.

Still annoyed at The Government

When asked about the general election, Rishi Sunak said his “working assumption” will be the second half of the year. Bearing in mind he decides when to hold it, so “working assumption” is weird wording in its self.

And. Its up to him to decide when the best time is for him to hold an election.

Not the country.

In the meantime, Tory MP’s are quitting / standing down / whatever, and basically starting the worlds slowest non-general election themselves.

Something I mean to be watching.

I’ve had this recommended to me…

Next Week: Well. Its meant to be freezing. And I’m already coming down with a cold. And I’m in the office ALL THE TIME next week. So…. who knows whats gonna happen.

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