Conversations With A Toddler

Conversations with a Tiny Person #3

Not only did the little one REALLY turn down cake, she turned down cake – after I resorted to the bribery approach to parenting – in front of a load of other parents.

Two minutes later she somehow managed to get hold of my far nicer cake.

Conversations With A Small Child #13

Conversations With A Toddler

During a conversation with  the Little One, about her upcoming birthday, I asked about the type of cake she wanted…

LO: A 4 cake! 

Me: We can do that, no problems (I think).

LO: A 4 cake, with peas, carrots, and sausage!

I think she got a little confused.

I hope she got a little confused…

She got confused right?

Conversations with a PreSchooler #12

Conversations With A Toddler

Overheard the other day…

Mrs Sofa: What colour is this?
LO: Lellow
Mrs Sofa: Yellow
LO: Lello
Mrs Sofa: Yell-ow
LO: Lell-ow
Mrs Sofa: Yell
LO: Yell
Mrs Sofa: Ow
LO: Ow
Mrs Sofa: Yell.Ow
LO: Yell.Ow
Mrs Sofa: (With a tone of victory) Yellow!
LO: Lellow!

Conversations with a Toddler #10

Conversations With A Toddler

Mummy has asked  Little One what she’d like for breakfast…

Little One: “I want a biscuit”
Mummy: “Is that breakfast???”
Little One: “Yes…”
Mummy sorts out breakfast… Soon after, Little One wonders into the kitchen.
Mummy: “What you after?”
Little One: “Biscuit.”
Mummy: “No you need to eat your breakfast.”
Little One: “But I’m really hungry”
Grabs my hand pulls me away from the computer to play.