Lego Photography

Stepping into Wonderland

For the last, very long time, the Dads Sofa has taken part in the #MySundayPhoto linky ran by Darren Coleshill over at Photalife. After over 5 years, he’s decided to do something different with his Sundays, and as such the #MySundayPhoto is coming to the end.

Due to lack of time, weather, and chance to take new photos, I went searching for an image that would take the above into account, as well as the start of a New Year.

I wondered if Alice, exploring some sort of Wonderland would cover it?

Thanks to Darren for his contribution to the UK Photoblogger community.


Lego Dad Diaries #6


It was at this point that Lego Dad started to think that he should have insisted on more then one layer on her before leaving the house.

Although she was cold, Lego Dad still didn’t trust her to not throw a snow ball in his face. (Teaching her about snow balls was a skill he was already regretting teaching her)


What My Fridge Says