TED Talks

Something About Procrastination

Love this. I came across this while doing some research for work, but caught myself relating to this… a little too well..

Love how he talks about wikipedia.

Love how he checks the fridge in case the contents have changed over the last ten minutes.

Love how he talks about the lack of deadlines.

I would say how much we use reminder apps to great effect, but that’s probably not the case, the Instant Gratification Monkey finds something better to do. Like looking at the wikipedia entry for Doctor Who, The Angels Take Manhattan.

I’m off to fall down a Youtube type rabbit hole.

Why Brexit happened — and what to do next

I dont often watch TED talks as often as I should.

If you’re interested in Why Brexit happened and what should happen next, I suggest giving this a watch.
[ted id=2543]

If you dont have time to watch it, basically he suggests that maybe we should all talk a little bit more.