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Doctor Who – Mission To The Unknown

Well this is something. Way back in Doctor Who’s third series there was a story called The Daleks Master Plan. An epically long 12 part story, it even had its own 1 part – Doctor-lite story to introduce it, Mission to the Unknown*.

Pretty much all of the above visual recordings have been lost since then. (The BBC had a policy…)

A group of students from the University of Central Lancashire have set about recreating Mission to the Unknown, and from the looks of the trailer its looking pretty faithful…

Hopefully if well received we might one day see The Daleks Master Plan on screen!

*Yes… I know it also acted as a pilot episode for a Dalek TV series that never actually appeared in the end.

When “In The Night Garden” meets “Doctor Who”?

Have you ever watched “In The Night Garden” and wondered if it could be any more creepy? I mean it’s totally about a sailor nicknamed “Iggle Piggle” stuck on boat in the middle of the ocean, so kinda creepy anyway. But what if “Doctor Who” was mixed in with it? More specifically, what if The Master from Doctor Who was stuck “In The Night Garden”?

Fleeing the Time War, Derek Jacobi escapes the wrath of the Daleks only to find himself in a special kind of hell…. a CBeebies TV show.

Don’t have nightmares.

Remember When Rowan Atkinson Was Doctor Who?

Remember When Rowan Atkinson Was Doctor Who? After stumbling over an article about this on the Den of Geek site, I couldn’t stop myself from tracking this down on YouTube.

Written by Steven Moffat, its almost his era of the new series in a nut shell.

Doctor Who: The Ghost Monument

After the week following her first proper watch of Doctor Who, led to her quoting the Doctor – and not just quoting… playing being the Doctor. We settled down to watch the second episode together.

If last week was a slower paced introduction to everyone, this didn’t feel overly faster paced, it was a plod over the desert really, but the moments where the action did pick up, felt manic.  These moments sent the small one shouting in response, the smile never left during these moments.

Indeed, Twelves sonic screwdriver was helpful during the scarier moments (it was a way for the small one to help the Doctor and her friends on the screen).

I think I wrote last week about how gorgeous it all looked- that was no one episode fluke. This looked amazing from start to finish. Doctor Who, may possibly be having its best looking series ever (particularly better than anything from the 1980’s). Talking about the first episode, it’s good to see that Grace’s death hasn’t just been swept under the carpet.

As it finished, I asked the small one what her favourite part of the episode was.  “The last bit…”, was her response, “when they found the TARDIS”. I had to admit, I agreed. For the fun of the race through the desert, there was so much undeniable heart in the scene where the Doctor finally returned home. Perhaps that’s what we all felt?

I’m looking forward to The Doctor showing us a bit of history next week…

Doctor Who. The Woman Who Fell to Earth

Well, unless you’ve been living away from a TV set / Twitter for the last month, you’d have seen that Doctor Who isn’t just back, but the Doctor is now Jodie Whittaker.

Now I have to admit. I was worried. It was clear there were going to be a million changes to my favorite scifi show, but I also felt the last couple of episodes (particularly The Doctor Falls), were so good – they could have finished it at that point. Remember how the original series of The X Files kept going for at least a year or two to long? I was worried there was a repeat of that about to happen.

Spoilers are below…

But. Its new Doctor Who, and that will get my attention. Also considering its early start time, we decided to risk introducing our 6 year old to “Not The Christmas Special Doctor Who”. And well. She got won over, I did too.

Personally I enjoyed the focus on character. While I feel Steven Moffat was unfairly criticized for how he wrote female characters, he rarely made me feel for the supporting characters, for example – the security guard? Also the look! Its been a while since I’ve been to Sheffield but it looks glorious.

What won us over as a family? At the risk of sounding like a gushing fan blog. It was Jodie Whittaker. She felt and acted like the Doctor since fell into the TV screen. We didn’t spend too long in any post regenerative sleep / grumpiness, but it felt that the Doctor got on with saving the day. Admittedly she then took a nap, but it didn’t feel as long as “The Christmas Invasion” or “Deep Breath”.  (Did anyone else felt there was a nod back to “The Christmas Invasion” at this point?).

And the moment of the Doctor remembering her name? I wonder if there were any other smiles around the country, that matched the size of a 6 year old watching watching her Doctor for the first time?

Speaking to the small one afterwards, it seemed she also enjoyed the obligatory costume choosing scene at the end. I wonder how many small girls out there, now want to a Doctor?

Heres to next Sunday evening…


What My Fridge Says

Is Doctor Who a Religion?

Something fun for Doctor Who Day 🙂

Is Doctor Who a Religion?

Personally I think the guy is over thinking things. But, if Doctor Who is a religion, could Harry Potter or Star Trek also be seen as a religion?

The 12th Doctor. Some Doctor Who Highlights…

If you’re a Doctor Who fan you should already know this.

If you’re a scifi fan, you more than likely already know this. (No actually you should already know this.)

Either way. There is new Doctor Who happening!

If you’re needing to catch up on some of the previous Doctor – you could do far worse then spend 12 minutes on watching this.