That Week Just Gone.

It turns out. Taking a break from work when you’ve just got used to a new work routine, makes going back to work a bit… weird. Taking the Wednesday off to go to a funeral also contributes to the head spinning week.

I guess I dont know where this week has really gone… Is it September yet?

This weeks Geocache Score Cards.

Geocaches searched for: 0.
Geocaches found: 0.

Comments: Dont start.

Adulting fail.

It turns out it’s surprisingly easy at times to misread google maps… It’s particularly easy when you have less then 10 minutes to get to a funeral service, and have already got caught at a stupid train crossing.

With honourable mention for the person who thought they would do a 40 minute plus journey in half an hour…

The Philosopher of The Week

I see skies of blue and clouds of white
The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night

And I think to myself
What a wonderful world

Louis Armstrong

Work From Home Lesson

When a small child is used to you being around a lot. Just for you to take off for a day. Be prepared for said child not letting you go far for a few days.

Still annoyed at The Government?

Wear a mask while shopping.

Don’t wear a mask when getting a take out.

Do wear a mask when getting a take out.

Wear masks when inside with people you don’t normally mix with… Which actually makes sense…

But why in the name of all that’s good and beautiful, wasn’t that the advice in the first place? And how long do we reckon it will be until Dominic gets pictured in Waitrose without a face covering, and we end up in at square flipping one again?

Also… Has anyone else noticed an increase in Brexit adverts telling us to be prepared? Brexit and pandemic. Great. At least we’re not talking about the possibility of having to get the army out. That would be truly really very stupid.  

Quote of the week.

Me: how many episodes of My Little Pony have you watched now?

LO: two…

Me: I said to only watch one didn’t I?

(Episode starts to end)

LO: can I have one more?

(See’s my face)

LO: Ok…. can I have two more?

We should probably put her in charge of Brexit.

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