That Week Just Gone

Its hot.

Ability to type an introduction has melted… Was planning to write something about how silly camping out for one night is, but you know…

Its hot.

Words According to Kids

“I’ve hurt a bone”: The feeling when you hurt any part of your body that includes a bone.

It seems.

Adulting fail.

Picture the situation. You have IBS. You also have a sore knee. You’re about to eat food that you’re kinda allergic to.

You obviously have your IBS meds, ibuprofen, and antihistamine washed down with cider right?

I slept well that evening…

The Philosopher of The Week

Its a little geeky, but from an episode of Doctor Who, set in London 2020…

“You do whatever you need to, to make this new life work for you. They’ll be something, I promise, a way through”

Helen Sinclair- Doctor who: Stranded 

Work From Home Lesson

Time blocking.

Trust me. Just find a way to remember what to block…

Still annoyed at The Government?



Has anyone heard that thing about Dominic Cummings apparently making a second trip to Durham?

How about that thing about places having to close down for when Schools reopen?

How about that track and trace system that we need in order to keep places and schools open? (Northern Ireland now has an app)

In fact what the heck happened to our “world beating app”?

What about that little matter of covid cases slowly rising?

Meh. To heck with that, lets moan about people who feel they have no choice but to cross the channel in a tiny ass boat in order to feel safe, whilst looking out for the “Clandestine Channel Threat Commander”. As a job title – what in the name of gods great green planet does that even mean? If only there was some sort of agreement or union we could make with other countries that would help with this.

(Yes… I did try not to swear in the above. But now I’m worried I’ve come across as a bad TV drama script writer in the 80s, trying to not get people upset)

Quote of the week.

*At 9:15pm*

Small One: “Why should I go to bed?”

Next week. Will be closer to some more holiday….

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