That Week Just Gone – The 9th Week

Where has that time gone? It seems this is the 9th week of writing these little roundups, and well, I’m just impressed they’re still going.

And to you… Thank you for tuning into my rants…

Adulting fail.

Its hot. Like all the time.

I can leave my hoodie out in the garden right?

The Philosopher of The Week

It hasn’t happened often recently. But we’ve managed to watch a film this weekend. This seemed to jump out….

‪’The world has changed and none of us can go back. All we can do is our best, and sometimes the best that we can do is to start over.’

– Peggy Carter (Captain America: The Winter Soldier‬)

Work From Home Lesson

When you’re used to sharing your work space with a small person,

The Workspace seems quiet without the small person.

Still annoyed at The Government?

Well…we have the largest recession in the G-7,  A-level results have gone nuts, the Tories sat in Scotland thinking A-level results going nuts (in Scotland) is a resignation issue, employment increasing, Brexit in coming, and we have ice cream showing more humanity to refugees then our own bloody government.

And that’s just this week.

Quote of the week.

Small One: Guitars are meant to be big. That’s the beauty of them. 

She may be making a case to upgrade from a ukulele…

Next week. Holiday!!!!

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