That Week Just Gone – The One With Multiple Fails

Well this is week 10, and well. Some weeks have gone better.

Not wanting to preempt the adulting fail, but taking the correct inhalers before spending 2 minutes on the trampoline is but one thing I should have learnt before today.

Adulting fail.

One day, I might write a book. If I do, it’ll be called something like “Its ok kids, adults dont have a clue either”. Here are two reasons why.

It started with a smoke alarm going off. At 4 in the flippin morning. The good news is there was no fire.

The frustrating thing was that a cursory consultation with Facebook, suggested that the reason behind our early morning wake up was  simply a battery issue. The smoke alarm in question having a built in battery, so obviously we brought a new one from Amazon.

Lesson here. Don’t forget that smoke alarms have different sizes, so one smoke alarm, may not fit where an old was… I obviously knew to check that…. honest…

Second reason. Imagine the situation, You have a gazebo in your garden. There’s a storm coming. You leave the gazebo up.  the gazebo is fine, and doesn’t fly away.  Win. Obviously realising that was plain flipping luck, and not leaving it up for a second stormy night in a row would be sensible right? 

The Philosopher of The Week / Work From Home Lesson

Not saying anything about my work place, after all, thats the spare room*, but this found my way onto my desk this week…

Still annoyed at The Government?

I’ve started watching The Muppets on Disney+ recently.

Could we at least replace Cummings with Kermit? Or even Scooter? Theres enough muppets in government would we even notice?

Quote of the week.

Me: “Alexa play me a podcast”

Alexa: “I’m still learning to find recommendations but you can ask for a podcast by name.”

Me: “Ok… Alexa, Play me the mid faith crisis podcast.”

Alexa: “I’m still learning to find recommendations but you can ask for podcast by name”

Me: “mid faith crisis”

Alexa: I’m not sure how to help you with that”

Next week. Well, we’re on holiday for a week. But considering the amount of people who are saying they’re not going on holiday, but going on a “stay-cation”… within the flipping UK, I’m not sure what to call a holiday when, you know… we’re staying at home.

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