Well That Was Summer 2020

Well, with the kid going back to school next week. Yeah next week.

Exeter schools are a bit bizarre compared to the rest of England, in that our term dates seem a little different to… well everyone else. Anyway. I’m getting distracted.

With the kids returning to school, I figured this would be a moment to try and capture some of “those special memories” from a “special summer”.

  1. Dragging the small one out of the office when she was being very busy interrupting a Zoom meeting. Thankfully she had skates on.
  2. Having a  little office buddy coming in to keep me company every now and then. (turns out Google Maps is quite a good distraction)
  3. Watching her slowly read more and more. Playing Animal Crossing on the Switch makes you do that.
  4. Watching her fall further in love with her guinea pigs, then fall slightly out of love when she realised they didn’t jump with joy at the sight of her always trying to reach into the hutch.
  5. Being taught that Super Mario Odyssey was good for maths.
  6. Being encouraged to learn the guitar. It turns out a 7 year makes a good accountability partner. 
  7. Clapping. Outside. At bedtime. And sometimes playing the electric guitar toy thing. You do that sort of thing now, you’d get arrested.
  8. “Can I have a biscuit?” “Yes” – the state of play whenever mummy was at work

I’m sure there are a load more. I’ve not talked about jumping in the sea, experiencing the Orange Elephant drive through, fish and chips by the sea, it starting to rain whilst in the maize maze, picking sunflowers in the rain…But I guess we’ve got to stop somewhere, and move onto the next bit of life.

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