That week just gone involved my second four day week in a row, I could get used to this sort of routine. But perhaps better without the school runs?

Do I want the moon on the stick? Perhaps?

Adulting fail.

One thing I’ve learnt this week, when your wife shows you a photograph (of someone else), and you’re not sure what you’re looking at… don’t presume the woman photographed is pregnant.

A thing I’ve heard on the radio…

It seems that parents spend on average 9 days a year getting their kids to sleep?

Nine days??????????

Sounds like luxury, we did the maths last night, and we take a flipping month.

The resulting hysterical laughter got the small one out of bed.

Still annoyed at The Government?

Go out.

Eat Out.

Its your patriotic duty. Go out. Enjoy the things you missed.

Go to work.

Get back into the town centres and buy a bloody sandwich.

Its the “young peoples” fault.

Test and Trace is due to be launched. (Yet may need to use QR codes?)

Mix with no more than 5 other people. (Some exemptions apply)

The rule of 6 is very simple, and will be written into law.

We’re going to break the law “in a limited and specific way”.

Don’t you do that.

Quote of the week.

Me: “Can I get a hello daddy hug? I’ve not see you all day”

LO: “You’re just gonna have to get used to it!”

It looks like the small one has adapted to be being back at school, and quicker than I did. Which I guess is a good?

Who else is looking forward to the resulting privacy nightmare that is the test and trace app?

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