So, we’ve just had the second week back at school, and… shock everyone and their bloody goat are getting a cold.

Watching the small one get a cold, followed by the good lady wife, I’m now waiting for this headache to form into something that will turn me into a messy, tired snot monster for 24 hours.

Adulting fail.

Its late at night. You’re binge-listening to the latest Doctor Who box set. You set the dishwasher onto “prewash”, as you go upstairs you set the dishwasher onto “prewash” again…

Philosopher of the week

“…we have to remind ourselves that interruptions may not be just distractions; they may be divine appointments.”

Shane Claiborne 

Still annoyed at The Government?

Go out. Eat Out.

Go out. Enjoy the things you missed.

You will send your kids to school.

Go to work. Get on public transport, go somewhere and buy sandwich.

Have any symptoms. Get a test.

Don’t go anywhere till you’re tested.

Dont you dare “carp” about not getting a test, you’re meant to be praising the Tory Government you bloody peasents.

Oh, theres a second wave.

Here’s a few words from our Prime Minister…

He added that “the British people have done an amazing job – they’ve brought that peak down by discipline” but that “people find it difficult to keep this up, it’s difficult to maintain that discipline for a long time”.

BBC News

And then there’s this…

Quote of the week.

LO: “You’re good at toast. Making toast is your knack”

I knew I should have opened that all toast restaurant…

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