That Week Just Gone

Well. That was the week when I googled “Socially Distanced Kids party games”, which was an odd moment when you think about kids parties in general.

There’s probably a blog in planning a socially distanced kids party to be written at some point.

So this week…

Adulting fail.

Note to self.

Look at what I’m doing when I’m making a fried egg.

Particularly during the whole cracking egg on side of frying pan thing.

Missing is messy. (I should put that on a badge or something)

Philosopher of the week

“There is too much negativity in the world. Do your best to make sure you aren’t contributing to it.”

Germany Kent

Still annoyed at The Government?


We’re being told that the British public became too relaxed, and we have to do to better on our Social Distancing, keep to the rules, or there will be lock down.

Oh the Boris is apparently looking into the rule of 6 being suspended for Christmas.

WHICH MAKES NO FLIPPING SENSE! (Because coronavirus takes a holiday over Christmas and not over other religious festivals?)

And that was just Sunday.

But at least that world beating app has been released, a few months late. And that’s working as advertised right?

You know… its world beating and all..?

I guess it could be worse, its not like we’re talking about banning students from going home at Christmas are we?

Quote of the week.

LO: (After seeing The Avengers on the side of a bus) “Hulk does look scary”

Me: “Well… If I was building a superhero team to look after me, I’d want him in the team”

LO: “Is The Hulk even real?”

I guess that she isn’t a marvel fan. I blame DC Superhero girls for this…

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