That Week Just Gone.

The other week, I made mention of something like “the snot filled monster”, and waiting to be attacked by him.

This week, it happened. I didn’t just get attacked by it, but got beaten, thrown around and… well that’s all a very dramatic way of saying that I slept lots at one point this week.

This did lead to me being offered a covid test by JoinZoe Covid Symptom tracker study. That… that was fun… But yes. I’m ok now.

Adulting fail.

Me on a wet trampoline.

A pair of shears.

Reaching up.

Trying not to bounce too much while cutting the branches of a tree.

Philosopher of the week

“Try and face the future with hope”

The Doctor. (Out of Time)

Still annoyed at The Government?

So this week from Boris Johnson…

“That’s not the reality… the nation came together in March and April, what happened over the summer was a bit of sort of fraying of people’s discipline and attention to those rules,” he said.

The BBC interviewing Boris Johnson

Go out. Enjoy what you missed.

Eat out to help out. (In fact its kinda your duty to do so)

Get back to work!

It will be fine by Christmas.

Now its all your damn fault.

Government messaging. So very straight and to the point.

Quote of the week.

My mate John… : “Come near me, I’ll hit you with a tree.”

My tip for dealing with any news from our government, try watching “In The Thick of It”. It wont make the covid news any better, but you’ll get to watch people playing government ministers who get shouted at.

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