Nintendo Switch Games to Get You Started

Have you got a new Nintendo Switch? You wouldn’t be the only one. Perhaps its the pandemic, or that its just that family friendly, but the Nintendo Switch seems to be only getting more and more popular.

But with its library of both main stream, and indie games, it can be hard to know what games to start with.

Here are a few ideas. (With affiliate links below)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

No Nintendo Switch game list would be complete without mentioning Animal Crossing. A combination of it being really very friendly, its ability to connect with friends, and a pandemic has meant that 2020 was the perfect year for it to be released.

I’ve written far more about Animal Crossing, and why its good for both kids and adults here. Get it here from Amazon.

Super Mario Odyssey

Remember Mario and Sonic from back in the day?

Well this is Mario.

Brought up to date, in a way that Sega never really managed well with Sonic.

On one hand, its a basic 3d platformer, on the other hand, there are puzzles aplenty, bright friendly graphics, the sight of Mario dancing, and more – the thing is just a joy to play.

Buy it from here

Mario Kart 8

Its Mario Kart.

Its great fun.

Theres not much more to say right?

Get it here from Amazon.

Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Ok. Its another Mario game. I didn’t for this to be so Mario dominated – sorry about that – but this is a little different. Basically imagine Mario featuring in a turn based “Worms” style game.

According to the product description…

Mario & Rabbids universes collide in this new adventure that combines the best of these two worlds! Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Yoshi join forces with four Rabbids heroes with their own unique personalities. Easy to play, difficult to master. Solo and co-op turn-based combat is a fresh gameplay experience. Battle with an arsenal of weapons through four worlds filled with enemies, puzzles, and humorous fun!

Its also totally bonkers. Really bonkers.

Look out for it in Nintendo Switch online store – as its on sale fairly often – and therefore – quite cheap!

Thats a few to get started, and I’ve not mentioned Zelda, Just Dance, or any of the more independent Nintendo Switch titles.

Are there any you would suggest? Let me know what you’d add below.

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