Reasonable Reactions To Covid Related News

So… Covid hasn’t gone away, and lets face it. There is still a lot of covid related / government induced anxiety / screw ups left to go.

So how do we react to the covid news we hear?

Here are a few reasonable reactions to current world events…

Working out what is safe verses what is “advised” verses what is legally allowed.

What tier am I in?

Trying to work out what being clinically vulnerable – but not high risk actually means…

Hearing there’s going to be a “press conference”

When you see someone in person you actually like.

When the Covid deniers speak up on Facebook…

When you hear the Education Secretary has said… anything.

When it gets a little much.

Other good reactions include things like downloading the Calm app, going for a walk, playing a quick computer game (I recommend Rocket League), or checking out playne.

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