That Week Just Gone

Well. That was a historically different Christmas. If you changed your plans in any way to keep others safe, thank you.

Our Christmas ended with the 8 year old being “The Doctor”, and taking me to watch Darth Vader in battle. Which, thinking about it, is a cross over I would be here for you.

Adulting fail.

It was the last day before Christmas that I could wrap presents up for the good lady wife. (Not involving shouts of “Dont come in here”).

It was also the same day that we were due to receive a massive food order.

Sadly the food trumped the presents, and I forgot about the presents… until I had 30 minutes before the good lady wife finished work. And we still hadn’t had the food.

Plus the small one wanted me to plat Sonic The Hedgehog. (Side note, saying no to this – took a lot of emotional energy).

I end up, on the top of the stairs, wrapping up the presents before the food arrived. (Which could have been any moment).

Running out of wrapping paper (and trying not to use the last piece), I attempted doing something clever with the last present. Which. Didn’t really work.

After another request to play computer games, the small one comes up stairs, and looks at me.

Looks at my attempt at wrapping the last present.

And took over.

I’m going to start working on her doing all my wrapping from now on.

Weird Slight Creepy Nativity Scene of The Year.

Quote of The Week

“Thats not how you wrap things up Daddy”

Still annoyed at The Government

At least its not a no deal Brexit.


Next week – Its 2021! New Year! New start… or something?

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