That Week Just Gone

With trigger warning for light hearted comments about funerals… (I know you’re not meant to be light hearted about them really)

This week I learnt a few things…

  1. The Coffin is really heavy.
  2. No its really heavy. Take an inhaler before hand… No really. Its kinda difficult to take an inhaler subtly when your at the front of an emptyish church… whilst wearing a bloody mask.
  3. Put anti-mist stuff on your glasses before you help carrying the the coffin – when your glasses steam up whilst your at the front of the church, its to late for you.
  4. Make sure the church has a door thats bloody big enough for the coffin to be carried through by guys on either side. If not, ask what the heck you’re going to do… before its far too late.
  5. The coffin is really heavy. Yes I know I’ve mentioned it twice.

Adulting fail.

What is it with playing games with kids that take strange and unusual turns?

For some reason I was a cat and little one was a lion.

So obviously… the lion was chasing the cat.

The lion chased a cat up and down the hallway, around the kitchen, into the garden, back into the kitchen, cat pretends to lock the lion out, cat lets lion in, the cat realised he didn’t close the back door properly. Cat goes out of kitchen, into the utility / cold side room place, closes back door… finds the flippin lion has closed… and actually locked the kitchen door.

Locking me out of the house.

The Lion proceeded to tell the cat to try the main back doors… they were obviously locked.

The Lion proceeds to mock me with the idea of sneaking around the house to try the front door.

Obviously that was locked as well.

Parenting lesson out of this? Dont pretend to lock your kid out in the back garden. It will back fire.

This weeks Geocache Score Cards

Geocaches looked for: 2

Geocaches found: 1

Well there was one in…. I’m sure once up on a time it was a nice green, almost peaceful space. Now its just a mess of nettles, bricks, and rotten trees. That one didn’t work out.

Quote of The Week

“I went Geocaching, and my Daddy went under a road”

I’m looking forward to puzzled questions from the teacher.

Still annoyed at The Government

In the midst of Brexit going so well, have you heard about how good the laptop distribution is going for kids who need laptops?

If your kid is lucky enough to get one, it seems they also have free spyware on top!

Next week: Its going to be a calm week. Its all ok. We have a managed response to the pandemic. Brexit is well. All is well…

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