That Week Just Gone

Well. Does this feel at least a little like April 2020 to anyone else?

Apart from you know… the greater amount of people that seemed to have found a way, and an excuse to go out that little bit more.

Adulting fail.

Not an Adulting fail as such, but bear with me…

Over the last two weeks, like plenty of others, I’ve spent my working days – not listening to podcasts on in the back ground – but to the sound of the small ones teacher and the class.

Every now and then I over hear a question posed…

Such as “Whats 4 x 8?”

Does anyone else have to fight the urge to shout out the answer, just to hear a positive affirmation of “Well done”… from their kids teacher?

Just me?

This weeks Geocache Score Cards

Geocaches looked for: 3

Geocaches found: 2

So the one we didn’t find is still the one in the river. The Small One still wouldn’t let me climb down. It could be argued that the small one is indeed wise…

…But I did get away climbing into a tunnel.

Yes there is a geocache down an actual tunnel, that leads under a road.

Yes. It was kinda cool, and yes. I still flippin ache after it.

Quote of The Week

“Why would they do that?”

The small one – after hearing about how the council once wanted to smack a rod through our local playing field. (Which, yes, is currently being massively well used)

Still annoyed at The Government

Is it me, or does there seem to be more messaging about how many people are going out? Asking us if that Take Out Coffee is worth it?

Isn’t this the same government that also encouraged people to eat out?

To get back to the office? (“You lazy swines”)

That gave permission for places to offer take out? (Then surely they expected people to go get take out??)

Oh. And don’t forget. It’s apparently ok to drive to your local tourist attraction in order to check your eye sight.

Next week: There’s going to be a funeral. Therefore I’m going to be interacting with real humans. That can’t go well.

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