That Week Just Gone

Welcome to week 39 of Lockdown v29. It ten years in the future, Boris is still a Boris, home schooling is just school, we dont know what pubs are anymore, and still dont have a decent track and trace system.

Or something…

Adulting fail.

Is there a word for that build up of worry when you’re in a public place, and your find a build up of saliva at the back of your throat? Which therefore makes you want to cough all the way around Sainsburys?

If there is a word for it, can I have it on a badge or something?

On the subject of Sainsburys,

If you’re on the phone, discussing if you need a screw or a bayonet. Expect bizarre looks if you’re walking around Sainsburys confirming that its a screw.

This weeks Geocache Score Cards

Geocaches looked for: 0

Geocaches found: 0

Have you seen the weather?

Still annoyed at The Government

What is there to say at this point?

Can I suggest the following pieces that are far better written than this? (But possibly even less funny)

GraziaDaily asks if mums are about to qualify for clapping?

Huffington Post basically have a look at how the hell Britain got to this stage of crazy. (Or something like that)

Next week: It will be week number 345 of lockdown 87. Yes I know they are different number to what I said above. Does that passage of time really have any meaning any more?

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