That Week Just Gone

Welcome to week 40 of Lockdown v29. And… well literally one thing of note has happened this week.

Why are you surprised, where have you been this week? At least there’s only one week to go until half term..

Adulting fail.

Yey! Good news! Had part one of the vaccine this week!

No massive side effects – apart from a want to eat all the food. More than normal… and there was a thing when we went to leave when the door wouldn’t open for us.

I mean, there was another door that had a sign saying “use this door” on it and all, but its nicer if we just say that was a side effect right?

Quote of the Week

“Daddy, you know because of you I was born to mummy and not someone else?”

Still annoyed at The Government

Remember when this storm of heck kicked off and we were all “That Rishi Sunak – seems like a nice Tory”? Then it was all, go back to the pubs, and the Torys pay for people to eat? Remember those rumours back in autumn about Rishi Sunak not wanting the country to go back in Lockdown? (After we were told to all go to the pub)

Seems he’s started complaining about the scientists – and saying he wants this Lockdown to be the last one. (Sorry about The Sun link)

Which man alive – that’s what everyone wants right, but the Tory track record of rushing things hasn’t helped anything… anyone remember that whole “get back to the office and buy a sandwich” thing?

Next week: It will be half term… Its nearly half term….

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