That Week Just Gone

Well. Last week I mentioned something about not having any massive side effects from the vaccine, apart from being hungry.

It turns out the hunger thing was to keep me awake, it was like I spent 3 days wanting to sleep… more than normal.

Adulting fail.

I wonder if anyone else who works from home ever has a moment when they wonder if they can get away with popping to the toilet, moments before they’re meant to be on a webcam.

And then in a rush to get back they. *Section edited due to work people possibly reading this*

Still annoyed at The Government

Not a fan of the Tory Party?

Fan of keeping safe during a pandemic?

Dont research “COVID Recovery Group”

Next week: Its half term!

In fact based on day one (Day one!), its a bloody good thing I’m not working for the next week…

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