That Week Just Gone

Well. That was half term. Blinked and it went really.

Which is probably a good thing as most of the highlights involved either going for a walk, or wondering around Sainsburys. Actually thats underplaying it a little. Bowsers Fury has been a great half term activity!

Adulting fail.

There I am, bent over, pumping the bike tyres up, as hard as I can, for quite a while, getting to the point where things are beginning to ache.

I stop pumping, and stand straight.

Back aching.

The Good Lady Wife, asks if I want her to have a go, I agree going in to grab a drink.

I come back, she reports that she just had to push it in, and start pumping, and it got up the tyres easily.

Geocaching scores of the week

Geocaches searched for: 1.

Geocaches found: 1.

Also found a load of drink cans, a random plastic box, a metal bar, and a load of mud.

Quote of the week

me: So… we talked about your homework?

small one: no we didn’t…

Me: yeah, we talked about you doing it over the weekend?

Small one: no we didn’t.

Me: …

Small one:…

Me: …

Small one: Can I play Animal Crossing?

Still annoyed at The Government

Looks in the direction of Matt Hancock.

Sighs sadly…

BBC News

Next week: Back to work. With home schooling happening in the background. Some one pass the bloody wine…

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