That week just gone.

Considering half term was… well… a week where wouldn’t go do much, it was a lot more fun than a week of WFH while there is home schooling going down.

This is your reminder. (Before I forget). No. Its not you. It is all a bit rubbish. (Or as a said on the work podcast the other week, “Its all a bit sausages”).

Oh. I may have made a mistake this week. (Yes I know thats 95% of my material, whats your point?)

Adulting fail.

Ok, lets just admit to the mistake.

For those who have followed instagram updates for a while would know, the small one isn’t exactly great at going to sleep by herself. (Or indeed, going to sleep quickly either)

Also. She hasn’t been a great fan of dogs. Taking the approach of freaking out whenever one approaches.

So therefore, on Monday evening, when I saw her, laying on her bed, cuddling up to a soft puppy teddy thing, looking very settled. I… I dont know … something happened inside my head.

Me: “are we gonna have to get you a puppy to help you sleep?”

Small One:  “I don’t know, possibly?”

She responds with the biggest smile.


Since then she has started playing with her dog soft toys, started researching dogs, and told both her teachers we are getting a dog!

I feel there may be more trouble ahead.

Geocaching scores of the week


You know why?

Its only become nice and sunny, SINCE half term has finished!

Still annoyed at The Government

Considering “our road map” back to normality was based on data not dates – there was a lot of bloody dates mentioned.

And – has anyone else noticed that we seem to be coming out of lockdown while cases up north still seem high?

We wouldn’t make the same mistakes again.

Would we?

Next week: Shhhh dont tell anyone. But its the good lady’s wife birthday. I would say her age, but you wouldn’t believe me…

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