That Week Just Gone


Adulting fail

If I managed to be a functional human being the week before last, this week, well this week, I forgot how to run.

When I say I forgot how to run, what I mean is I think I forgot to move my feet when run.

I agreed to run with the small one, and… It was like I flung my body forward, then my arms are out stretched on the pavement.

A day later, stuff still hurts.

Geocache Scores

Geocaches searched for: 1

Geocaches found: 0.

In our defence, it was a mission to even find the area that it was in, thanks to coronavirus leading to National Trust properties closing, leading to paths closing…

Quote of the week

“Do I have to watch it?”

Small One – talking about “the funeral”.

Something different…

Super Mario Odyssey. The NES Edition.

Still annoyed at The Government

Now, my arm is kinda ruined. So I’m gonna keep this straightforward.

Is anyone actually surprised that a report into race relations was basically rewritten by Downing Street?

And you know…

What is it with Boris starting to urge us all to have caution as lockdown lifts? If I was the paranoid – not trusting the government sort, I’d feel Its almost as if he’s getting ready to blame at least some parts of the public if we have problems again?

Casual reminder about last September… and the whole go back to work thing from the Tories because post sandwich places like Pret were struggling? (oh and also Tory voting landlords who make money from renting office spaces?)

And remember how everyone started getting sick again, and that argument was quietly dropped?

Anyway. Next week. I might have my right arm back in action..

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